Why are labs good for families?

Labrador Retriever is usually perceived as the most loyal and tolerant family dog, which makes them an ideal choice for pets for children with young children. Nevertheless, thanks to its working staff, the Labrador is full of energy and vitality and incredibly athletic, often enjoying something more than spending hours on hours passing through the fields. For this reason, they are best suited for families who can accommodate enough space and time to provide him with the exercises he needs.

In almost all cases, Labrador retrievers are incredibly happy and friendly to dogs, but they are often very easily bored because of their high level of intelligence and ability to quickly find tricks and disciplines. Faithful to their master, Labrador will always warn his owner of strangers, but do not act like guard dogs as such. Instead, they will try to “warn” strangers about their existence, but if necessary will always try to protect their master. However, no matter what, your Lab will always provide you with unconditional love and affection.

As for the exterior, the Labrador is a typical working dog – large and powerful. They have a somewhat blocked head and a thick neck, in which the sporty ears drop, as well as a smooth, short and glossy frock coat, and also a very strong tail. Exceptionally good eaters, a typical labrador will weigh about 60-80 pounds and will stand about 22.5-24.5 inches. Their love of exercise and running helps them develop incredibly strong and muscular legs, but regular exercise is mandatory to help them maintain their physical fitness level and also help them remain obedient. The Labrador’s coat is very dense and repels water, helping to protect the dog from the cold when it wanders around. On average, Labrador’s cost will be poured out excessively, with a smoother and short coat in the winter months. If your Labrador will be provided with a healthy balanced meal, he will also have a glossy and healthy coat.

Due to its excellent character and level of friendliness, Labrador is ideal for family holidays. However, since they are extremely and harmful as puppies, they are difficult to teach at first, and their personality requires great attention, affection and, most importantly, exercises. Like other breeds of dogs, a Labrador puppy will need training to eliminate bad behavior such as digging, jumping and barking. Although these are common features with dogs at times, proper training will help them become an everyday problem. Training labs require a lot of patience and energy because of the level of exercise that they need, and you will find during walks that they are very sociable with other dogs, especially with other labradors, but while some dogs are happy to be independent, labradors need constant attention.

The main problem that many owners can face with Labradors in the early stages is how destructive they can be! Most puppies will scare objects and rummage excessively, that is, they require several dog chewing and canine toys to help preserve their attention and help with teething. Since Labradors do not fully mature up to three years, it is important that you try and maintain discipline with him, even when he mastered basic obedience. Because of their hearty appetite, most Labrador puppies will want to feed up to four times a day in the first few months, calling for a suitable dog food to provide him with the vitamins and minerals that he needs. As he grows up, you will soon find that he eats more, but less often, but he will always be curious about what’s on your plate if you do not provide the necessary training about meal time.

If you want the dog to be full of love, warmth, and vitality, the Labrador Retriever is the perfect dog for you. Ideal for both active families and families with young children, you can guarantee that your laboratory will remain faithful to its owner forever and will keep you on your feet!

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